IASAP Annual Corporate Membership Includes:

  • In-Person meetings – 3 per year, hosted by member organizations
  • Trusted, private sharing – events, webinars, and shared content are available to members only, and NDA-protected
  • Attendance for two people at all in-person meetings, more if space permits
  • Private sharing platform hosting member resources, discussions, and surveys
  • Webinars featuring invited speakers from a variety of disciplines
  • Facilitated industry or topic specific conference calls
  • Team participation – involve your awareness team in IASAP activities
  • Self-determination – all members have a say in shaping IASAP activities
  • Collegial assistance from fellow members – security awareness professionals from an array of corporate types and cultures
  • Commercial-free content – attendance is restricted to employees working on their own internal corporate awareness programs

“We are you. It’s worth it. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

Michael DiamondIntel

As the threat of cybersecurity breaches increases every day, companies are getting smarter about protecting themselves against this threat, and more are recognizing the importance of security awareness  to mitigate the risk and protect employee and company data. IASAP gives me the best team in the world.

Regina LeakeComputer Sciences Corporation

The IASAP is made of people who are striving for the same professional goals as I am: to discover and implement the best techniques to protect our companies from external threats. I have learned, I have shared, my organization has benefitted from our membership. It’s a Win-Win.

Gayla ToccoUMB Financial

I like to consider IASAP members as an extension of my security awareness team.  The greatest benefit to me is sharing of ideas, best practices, and experiences so we do not always have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ for our own programs.

Linda WilliamsonMichelin, North America

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Michael LattimoreSouthern California Edison

I have attended a lot of security awareness conferences, and IASAP members set the standard for thoughtful, well-executed and effective security awareness programs. That’s the great value of this group – it’s my security awareness brain trust.

Julie Pollock