IASAP Annual Corporate Membership Benefits Include:

  • In-Person meetings – 3 per year, hosted by member organizations with the assistance of IASAP
  • Trusted, private, and NDA-protected sharing – informative conference calls, webinars, surveys, online discussions, and member-developed security awareness content are available to members only (via a secure information-sharing platform)
  • Attendance for two people, more if space permits, at all in-person meetings
  • Team participation – involve your awareness team in IASAP activities
  • Self-determination – all members have a say in shaping IASAP activities
  • Collegial assistance from fellow members – security awareness professionals from an array of industries and organizational cultures
  • Commercial-free content – attendance in IASAP activities is restricted to employees working on their own internal awareness programs

“We are you. It’s worth it. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

Michael DiamondIntelhttps://

“This organization is hands-down the best value for the money. IASAP provides creative security awareness ideas and proven practices to reduce risks across all industries against ongoing threat trends.”

Krina SniderSecurity Awareness Manager, Sprint

“Being surrounded by so many security professionals has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined, and being a member of IASAP is like having a wealth of trusted professionals at your disposal to help elevate your security awareness program.”

Marc VasquezAVP/Security Awareness Program Manager, UMB Financial Corporation