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A robust security awareness program is one of your organization’s most powerful protection strategies. Find out what awareness programs look like in organizations that believe in awareness.
Previously organized as the Security Awareness Peer Group under sponsorship of the Computer Security Institute (CSI), our core group of security awareness professionals has been meeting since 2003. When CSI discontinued the group in 2011, members were determined to continue pursuing the group’s mission to build a trusted community for awareness teams to share and develop best practices to advance their mutual goal of increasing security awareness across the interconnected digital landscape.

Reorganized as an independent 501(c)6 non-profit association in 2012, the International Association of Security Awareness Professionals is comprised of member participants who are responsible for developing and implementing the security awareness programs for their respective organizations.

IASAP is governed by a member-elected, six-person Executive Board of Directors. IASAP accepts limited corporate sponsorships, and the majority of its revenue is derived from membership fees.

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Our Vision

To be the most valued and trusted association for security awareness professionals around the world.

Our Mission

To provide a trusting and supportive environment where security awareness professionals collaborate to build and enhance security awareness programs.

Our Values

  • Inclusion – We respect all IASAP members, prospective members and security awareness colleagues and value diversity.
  • Contribution – We recognize and encourage the contribution of IASAP volunteers within leadership, membership and the security awareness community.
  • Excellence – We strive for excellence through continuous collaboration, education and innovation and look to cultivate it in others.
  • Openness – We commit to creating and fostering a culture of shared teamwork and respectful collaboration.

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IASAP Group Meeting

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IASAP Group Meeting

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IASAP Group Meeting

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For Agendas
To request a sample agenda, 
 email the IASAP  Operations Manager Team at:  Please include your full organizational signature block.

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Join the IASAP Group

IASAP membership is a practical way to leverage the programs of other like-minded organizations for appropriate mutual benefit.

IASAP MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS are committed to protecting our organizational and customer information. We understand that a comprehensive information protection strategy must address not only technical solutions but also the security behaviors of all employees. 

IASAP membership offers security awareness professionals the added insight, creativity and confidence to take their program to the next level of excellence. Here are some of our great 40+ member organizations are included below.


Annual Corporate Membership Benefits Include:

  • In-Person meetings – 3 per year, hosted by member organizations with the assistance of IASAP
  • Trusted, private, and NDA-protected sharing – informative conference calls, webinars, surveys, online discussions, and member-developed security awareness content are available to members only (via a secure information-sharing platform)
  • Attendance for two people, more if space permits, at all in-person meetings
  • Team participation – involve your awareness team in IASAP activities
  • Self-determination – all members have a say in shaping IASAP activities
  • Collegial assistance from fellow members – security awareness professionals from an array of industries and organizational cultures
  • Commercial-free content – attendance in IASAP activities is restricted to employees working on their own internal awareness programs

How to Join IASAP Group

IASAP accepts new members throughout the year and pre-screens all potential members before accepting payment. As a result of this process, online purchase is not available. Please contact the IASAP Operations Manager Team to explore joining IASAP using the form on this page.

Our Commitment

IASAP MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS are committed to protecting organizational and customer-specific information. We understand that a comprehensive information protection strategy must address not only technical solutions but also the security behaviors of all employees. IASAP membership is a practical way to leverage the security awareness, training and educational programs of dozens of other like-minded organizations for appropriate mutual benefit.

IASAP membership offers security awareness professionals the added insight, creativity and confidence to take their program to the next level of excellence.


Annual Membership Fees:

IASAP’s primary revenue is derived from member fees, not vendor sponsorships.

  • 1-year membership – $2,500
  • 2-year membership – $4,750
  • 3-year membership – $6,750
IASAP offers multi-year memberships with discounted fees for those joining 2 or 3 years at a time. Please see the below fees for the respective membership options. Full payment is due at time of joining and is non-refundable.​
Security Awareness Professionals
Spend time with the most experienced group of security awareness professionals to be found in a single room — awareness specialists willing to learn and share with their peers.

Meet Privately,
Without Leaving Your Office

IASAP provides a members-only virtual sharing platform where security awareness professionals engage in a lively, year-round exchange of information and ideas via online  Q&A with immediate feedback, member survey/polls, web jams, etc.  Since only current members who have signed an NDA may access this platform, members also feel comfortable using it to share  program resources for re-branding and use. IASAP also hosts numerous guest speaker webinars and members-only conference calls.

If you feel like you’re the only person at your organization who believes in the importance of awareness, or if your management believes in the program, but it has yet to take off,  it’s time to re-energize yourself and your awareness program with membership in IASAP.

Or In Person...

IASAP holds three in-person meetings per year – two-day, facilitated conferences hosted by member organizations in the U.S. and Canada. All attendees sign non-disclosure agreements; discussions are informal and collegial. Each organization is assigned a brief segment of the meeting to present on their own awareness initiatives, showing samples of their program materials and resources for the benefit of other members.

Security awareness is all about people, and IASAP is for the people who target the people who need the awareness message – from the C-suite to the factory floor. Whether it’s via blast, blog, or billboard, IASAP members are the ones who craft the message, create the themes, and care about which channel will be most effective.

Membership Inquiry

Interested in becoming a member? Want more information? Want to hear from one of our existing members?  Submit your information below.