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We take security awareness seriously

IASAP is dedicated to the exchange of best practices for elevating employee awareness and execution of appropriate security behaviors at all levels within our member organizations. Our goal is achieved through collaboration, benchmarking and an NDA-trusted network of peer organizations. Most member participants are responsible for managing and/or executing their awareness programs. IASAP was formed in 2012 by members of the former CSI Security Awareness Peer Group, formed in 2003.


Membership has helped me become more effective in reaching my audience and improving my company’s security posture.

But the key feature is the confidence I have in the group: we are there to share insights and challenges, and to help each other make our programs the best they can be.”

Laura LeDesmaSr. Information Security AnalystKansas City Power & Light

“I see the IASAP as my extended team of security awareness experts with whom I can share best practices and seek advice from their information education and training programs. We are tackling our ever-evolving security awareness challenges together.”

Karen RihaInformation Security Awareness & Training, New York Life

“Being surrounded by so many security professionals has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined, and being a member of IASAP is like having a wealth of trusted professionals at your disposal to help elevate your security awareness program.”

Marc VasquezAVP/Security Awareness Program Manager, UMB Financial Corporation

“This organization is hands-down the best value for the money. IASAP provides creative security awareness ideas and proven practices to reduce risks across all industries against ongoing threat trends.”

Krina SniderSecurity Awareness Manager, Sprint

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  • Trusted, open exchange of information – all events are members only and NDA-protected
  • Quarterly meetings – 2 day, members-only awareness summits, hosted by member organizations
  • Private sharing platform hosting member resources, discussions, and surveys
  • Frequent webinars featuring invited speakers from a variety of disciplines
  • Scheduled conference calls to focus on industry-specific topics
  • Team participation – involve your awareness team in IASAP activities
  • Member driven – all members have a say in shaping IASAP activities
  • Collegial assistance from fellow members – security awareness professionals from an array of industries and organizational cultures
  • Commercial-free content – attendance is restricted to employees working on their own internal corporate awareness programs. IASAP’s primary revenue is derived from member fees, not vendor sponsorships

IASAP MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS are committed to protecting organizational and customer-specific information. We understand that a comprehensive information protection strategy must address not only technical solutions but also the security behaviors of all employees. IASAP membership is a practical way to leverage the security awareness, training and educational programs of dozens of other like-minded organizations for appropriate mutual benefit.

IASAP membership offers security awareness professionals the added insight, creativity and confidence to take their program to the next level of excellence.